W12 will hold its first IEO on world markets


April 29 at 15:00 GMT +9 starts the first round of the IEO of W12. In total, 5 international exchanges were selected: Coinbene, Sistemcoin, Hanbitco, BitInka and Digital Price. The first round will start simultaneously on Coinbene, Sistemcoin and Digitalprice. A limited number of tokens will be on sale at prices ranging from 0.0003255 to 0.00042 ETH.

Listing of the W12 token will take place immediately after the completion of the IEO in May, 2019.

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participate in the IEO, you must complete the following steps:

1. Select an exchange from the list of
exchanges on which the IEO will be held and create an account on one of the
exchanges: Coinbene, Bitinka, Sistemkoin, Digitalprice or Hanbitco.

2. Transfer funds to your account balance on
the selected exchange.

3. On April 29 at 15:00 GMT +9, place an order
to buy W12 on the selected exchange from the W12 IEO page.

and recognition:

  • The best blockchain project and
    first place at the World Blockchain Forum in New York
  • Finalist of the ICO Race in

Earlier, on March 15, W12 successfully
completed its Token Sale and raised 8900 ETH. The main reason for the success
was that the project has already a working product and promising development
plans. Also, W12 has a strong community of 100,000+ users in 20 languages,
21,000 registered users, and 10,000 W12 token holders.

By the end of 2020, W12 plans to attract
100,000,000 USD for projects on W12 platform powered by W12 technology.

the company

W12 is creating a decentralized infrastructure
in which trust between the parties is not required, all processes are
controlled by algorithms. They are automated and completely transparent.

The W12
protocol uses:

– Blockchain technology for tokenization of
objects, increasing liquidity, ensuring transparency and targeting of

– smart contracts to automate the fundraising
process and reduce costs;

– oracles to verify and digitize information
from the real world, monitor the fulfillment of the terms of the contract,
monitor the implementation of the main stages of the project roadmap;

– a platform for automated fundraising for
projects without initial costs and special technical knowledge.

based on W12 technology:

  • Crowdfunding platform for charity
    and social projects;
  • Crowdfunding platform for
    launching sustainable development projects (W12 Launchpad);
  • Platform for collecting signatures
    for petitions on the blockchain (social initiatives);
  • Real Estate Tokenization Platform;
  • ICO / STO platform;
  • Platform for the tokenization of
    goods and services supplied in the future (collective purchase with discounts).


1. The first version of the W12 protocol,
which allows issuing funds to projects in parts upon achievement of results, is
ready, has passed an audit, and is already in use;

2. The version of the W12 protocol using
oracles is ready and is undergoing an audit;

3. The platform for pre-sale ICOs / IEOs with
the issuance of funds to projects in parts upon achievement of results is
ready. Over 30 project contracts have been signed;

4. The platform for charity and social
projects based on the W12 protocol and the blockchain accounting service are
ready (available at w12.io);

5. The pilot version of the real estate
tokenization platform based on the W12 protocol is ready (available at

6. The service petitions on the blockchain is
under development and slated for launch in Q2 of 2019;

7. The launchpad for launching sustainable
development projects with the pay only when done function is under development
and slated for launch in Q3 of 2019;

8. The platform for trading product tokens
based on the W12 protocol is under development and slated for launch in Q4 of

9. The platform for STOs and Tokenized Real Estate Trade is slated for launch in Q2 and Q3 of 2020.


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