DexAge gains a significant role among the initial offers of the Q2 2019


DexAge decentralized marketplace and global adoption

The DexAge decentralized exchange is a new autonomous and
self-sustainable system, fueled by the social connection between traders and
investors who use the platform. DexAge’s trading model capitalizes the power of
users and channels it creating feedback synergies. The DXG platform combined
with its dApp makes it possible to run in a decentralized framework; an
approach that is gaining followers in the community. An online environment
designed to enable several functions as described below. Operators, users, and
investors find a new competitor in which to exchange and lend cryptographic

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Also, it offers an interface enriched with other nuances to
enhance the use of decentralized wallets in day-to-day operations. No need for
multiple registrations, or cede personal data to various third-party
organizations. This is one of the premises that DexAge fulfills. In the ecosystem
and through dApp, users can communicate and share their ideas. Or perhaps,
share knowledge by chatting with each other before closing a business

The cases of use are multiple, in an increasingly digitized global environment in which companies and people interact with each other. A daily example is meetings, webinars, and talks through other well-known applications. Whether decentralized or centralized. The single, centralized authority model that controls the entire system has become obsolete. Since the founding team of DexAge, this sentence has been assumed, and power is given to the shareholders of DexAge. This kind of decentralization of power makes them the primary force influencing growth and development. You can join the telegram community at the following link

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The platform that will power the DXG token offers a full
range of P2P functions

Asset escrow is a hot topic in the blockchain ecosystem
throughout 2018 and what we carry from 2019. Even Vitalik Buterin stated
without hesitation his inclination for DEX exchanges as the way forward.
Centralized exchanges are bright in the dark for cyber bandits. Unlike their
decentralized counterparts, exchanges with a single manager and incidences tend
to be the chosen victim. On the other hand, decentralized exchanges are not

However, they avoid being an easy target. In a menu
combining decentralised deposit services, p2p chat, and DEX, commissions are
reduced to a minimum. This saving, compared to traditional loan systems, will
generate economic equity. The elimination of such costs without intermediaries
encourages all parties to feed liquidity and demand loans 100% crypto.  The
platform, led by Preciuous Kenneth W. and Suano Neenwi, joins the list of
emerging companies in the Blockchain sector. The characteristics described in
the documentation go beyond the conventional trade of a centralized
cryptocurrency exchange.

Trading in the traditional way will be
the primary function. However, a few implementations added by the development
team will facilitate the exchange through custody between peers; decentralizing
each feature. It will also show that escrow trading (Mainnet) will be launched
in the second week of May, while other DexAge projects will follow the initial
suite later.

The initial offer of the DXG token offers several
alternatives for its acquisition

For those interested in participating in the initial sale
of DXG there are multiple avenues. The fixed value for the Token is $0.01, so
the opportunity to join with the 1000% discount is attractive. During the
writing and publication of the article, it is sold at $0.001 (US Dollar – USD).
Once the initial offer is finalized and all launch requirements have been
adjusted, activities begin. The DXG token will start shooting in the second
quarter of the year a few weeks before the platform is released. It can be seen
on its roadmap, which are the first two priorities for the year 2019 full of

Global tokenization continues, replicating every
trade-related aspect. The blockchain ecosystem weaves new commercial networks
without intermediaries, new p2p networks. In a progressive but evident
transition, we observe as entrepreneurial initiatives, of community nature,
anticipate habitual giants of the market.


P2P Lending Marketplace.

Transactions carried out on the decentralized platform,
whether for trading or lending, have been designed to be coordinated by
decentralized deposit services. This point is developed based on secure,
intelligent contracts in the blockchain. For information on this point, we
recommend reading the White

Through the use of referral schemes, staking, voting
rights, and portfolio diversification, the platform will empower its
stakeholders and lead to its mass adoption.

The loan market is expected to generate several benefits;
in principle, it encourages keeping tokens in stakeholder ownership. This
movement creates temporary scarcity by temporarily removing them from
circulation. On the other hand, the demand for credit generates cases of use
and application of the platform token. This creates a speed of money that is
expected to enjoy an excellent performance while waiting for feedback and solve
small errors.

Soon more exchanges will list DXG adding value, liquidity,
and ease of access to the token

Duly audited smart contracts will coordinate decentralised
warehousing services. Via Smart contract, robust centralized networks such as
Ethereum, offer a precious quality; 24/7 functionality and rigid compliance
with agreed sentences. At the same time, automation with code requires an unpolluted
system, adequately audited and carefully tested.

Since the core team of DexAge has confirmed the agreement
for the listing in LAtoken. So after the sales and finished the Bounty/Airdrop
deals of the DXG token will be negotiated in LAtoken. In addition to LAtoken
and Bitcratic (DEX), it is progressing that negotiations are currently underway
with other exchanges/bags for the upcoming listing of the DXG token.

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